Kollywood – and film, by and large – has seen numerous indistinguishable twin-based subjects. Twins going gaga for a similar young lady. 


Entertainment news: Twins imitating one another and unleashing destruction in the lives of others. We’ve seen it so often in the past that it appears to be profoundly far-fetched that something can give the equivalent old subject another edge. Thadam does. It depends on a genuine occurrence, it says comfortable begin. The film closes with data on comparable occurrences in different nations. This causes loaning legitimacy to a generally sceptical storyline. 
It includes Ezhil and Kavin (Arun Vijay), who are both appeared changed milieus. One works in a corporate organization and needs to make a decent attempt at taking the young lady he loves out for “espresso” (the rearranged statements are purposeful, and is entire of an adorable sentiment succession). Yet, the other is an extortionist who needs to evoke astute designs to profit. There’s a whole succession including an ATM machine that helped me to remember the bicycle robbery arrangement in Polladhavan… just as far as how it opens your eye to new-age crimes.Thadam sets aside very some opportunity to settle down – there are a couple of times when you get befuddled if it’s Ezhil or Kavin you’re viewing on the wide screen. In any case, when it sets the tone for the two principal characters and a couple of others in a police headquarters, it commences. 
The second half is the place the meat is. That is the place Arun Vijay scores; he conveys an able act as both Ezhil and Kavin, demonstrating varieties rather unpretentiously. Chief Magizh Thirumeni gets his lead characters all right as engravings a strong character for the female cop Malar (Vidya Pradeep in a powerful act). He misses a trap, however, by giving us feebly composed female leads (Tanya Hope and Smruthi) who highlight in a couple of groupings and tunes that appear to have been assembled in the flurry. 
The flashback to the twins’ (and an extensive story rotating around Sonia Aggarwal) may go about as a speed breaker to a generally rigid storyline, yet the contort at last compensates for its vast majority. It’s something you didn’t see coming, and Magizh should have finished it directly there, rather than attempting to give the movie a vibe decent kind of completion. Excepting these couple of slips, Thadam is generally a rigid spine-chiller that keeps you drew in till the very end.