you are utilizing an Android cell phone, odds are high that you have found out about Google Assistant previously.

Technology news : It is Google’s voice right hand, much the same as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. Google Assistant was propelled in 2016 as an expansion to Google Now – which is currently outdated. It very well may be propelled from your Android telephone with straightforward ‘alright Google’ or ‘Hello Google’ voice directions and can be utilized for different individual works from controlling the keen home gadgets to get to data, control music, discover heading, read the notices and even news. What makes it stand separated from Siri or Cortana is its conversational collaborations which depends on bot-driven Artificial Intelligence. 
Here are a couple of traps of Google Assistant that will make your cell phone ‘more astute’: 
> Make telephone calls and instant messages 
Aside from setting an alert or including an update, you would now be able to make calls and send instant messages to individuals utilizing your Google Assistant. 
For that simply dispatch Google Assistant and state “call (the individual’s name)” and it will naturally call the ideal number. On the off chance that you state, “call father”, Google Assistant will dial your father’s number from your contact list. 
On the off chance that you need to send an instant message to somebody, simply state “Send instant message to (the individual’s name)” to it and afterward state so anyone can hear the message you need to convey – it will compose the message for you. 
> Translate language 
On the off chance that you are visiting a remote nation or just moved there and absolutely unaware about the local language then simply dispatch Google Assisstant and state “How would you say (anything you desire to state) in (the language you need to make an interpretation of it to)” and right hand will stand up the deciphered expression. For instance, If you are visiting France and need to ask how much something costs, state “How would you say ‘what amount does this expense’ in French”. 
> Tune your guitar 
On the off chance that you cherish playing the guitar, utilize your Google Assistant to go about as the tuner by trying to say “tune my instrument” or you can even tune it to a specific note by referencing it like “D minor”.