Three Norwegian lawmakers have assigned Swedish high schooler lobbyist Greta Thunberg, who has turned into an unmistakable voice in battles against environmental change, for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Science News Article: Freddy Andre Oevstegaard and two different individuals from the Socialist Left Party said they trust “the huge development Greta has gotten underway is a vital harmony commitment.” Ms Thunberg has urged understudies to play hooky to join dissents requesting quicker activity on environmental change, a development that has spread past Sweden to other European countries. 
Any national administrator can assign someone for the Nobel Peace Prize. The challenges have seen a huge number of school understudies spill out into the boulevards in Germany, Belgium, Britain and France. 
On Friday, in any case, classrooms are set to purge in more than 100 nations, covering real urban areas from Boston to Bogota, Montreal to Melbourne, Dhaka to Durban, Lagos to London. “We are just observing the starting,” Ms Thunberg, who has turned 16, said in a tweet.