Saudi Arabia decried U.S. President Donald Trump’s acknowledgement of Israel’s 1981 addition of the Golan Heights, an announcement discharged by the Saudi Press Agency said at an opportune time Tuesday.
World news: Endeavors to force fait accompli don’t change the realities,” the announcement said. It said the Golan Heights was an “involved Syrian Arab land as per the important universal goals”. “It will have critical negative consequences for the harmony procedure in the Middle East and the security and dependability of the area,” it said. 
Mr Trump, with visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu investigating his shoulder amid a visit to Washington, marked a declaration on Monday formally conceding U.S. acknowledgement of the Golan Heights as Israeli domain. Israel caught the Golan Heights from Syria in the 1967 Middle East War and added it in 1981 of every a move not perceived universally. 
The Saudi Press Agency report depicted Monday’s affirmation as an unmistakable infringement of the United Nations Charter and of universal law.