The Indian Air Force (IAF) on Thursday delivered proof to demonstrate that Pakistan Air Force (PAF) sent F-16 contenders to target Indian army bases, and one of which was brought down. The military, in an uncommon tri-administration question and answer session, emphasized that they were completely arranged to put the onus of further heightening on Pakistan.

National News: There is no uncertainty that Pakistan has endeavored to focus on our army bases. We reacted quickly and due to which their structures to convey their bomb load at the expected targets were defeated,” said Air Vice-Marshal (AVM) R.G.K. Kapoor. “In the aeronautical battle that resulted, one F-16 of the PAF was shot somewhere near an IAF MiG-21 Bison. The F-16 smashed and fell over the Line of Control (LoC) in Pakistan-involved Kashmir (PoK).” 
On Wednesday, a few PAF planes focused on Indian military positions, which Pakistan said was to demonstrate their capacity to hit back after India’s strikes on Balakot. Nonetheless, Pakistan has said no F-16s were utilized in the activity and no Pakistani fly was brought down. 
Afterward, AVM Kapoor showed pieces of an AIM-120 AMRAAM (Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile) terminated by an F-16, which fell in An Indian area. A senior protection source said the AMRAAM was provided to Pakistan by the U.S. under strict conditions that it couldn’t be utilized in a hostile job. “It is because of this they were endeavoring to preclude the very nearness from claiming a F-16 fly,” the source said. 
AVM Kapoor said there were numerous accurately off base articulations made by Pakistan. The first was the “disinformation” that two IAF air ship was shot down and three pilots were brought down. Pakistan had later expressed that it had just a single pilot in its authority. 
To this, AVM Kapoor said the truth of the matter is that Indian Army units had revealed locating “two parachutes falling in the PoK which were of two F-16 pilots shot somewhere near the IAF MiG-21 Bison.” 
There was sufficient proof to demonstrate that F-16s were utilized in the mission and Pakistan was attempting to shroud this reality, AVM Kapoor said. Portions of AMRAAM, which is conveyed just on the F-16s in the PAF, were recouped east of Rajauri in the Indian domain. “In this manner, the reality remains that one F-16 of the PAF was shot somewhere around an IAF MiG-21 Bison,” he said. The IAF’s initial cautioning airship had recorded electronic marks of the PAF contenders. 
With respect to the Army’s job, Maj.Gen. Surindra Singh Mahal said the PAF “endeavored” to target military foundations, including a Brigade Headquarters (HQ), a Battalion HQ, forward barriers and a coordinations establishment. “In any case, given the abnormal state of readiness along the LoC and the prompt and reformatory reaction by our powers. the PAF’s plans were thwarted.” 
He said the ground-based air guard frameworks had been put on caution along the outskirt and automated arrangements had been on the reserve. In spite of the present unforeseen development, the Army was “focused on keeping up harmony and dependability in the district” and would “keep on acting against offices” that harbored unfriendly structures against India.