Project Veritas: Sanders staffer states cities burn off' if President Donald Trump reelected

US News: A Project Veritas video released Tuesday showed a man identified as a campaign organizer for Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernard Sanders saying”cities burn” if President Donald Trump wins reelection and predicting violence against police at the 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee. Asked what could happen if President Donald Trump is reelected, the guy described as Sanders campaign area organizer Kyle Jurek said, “F–ing cities burn,” adding, “I mean, we don’t have a great deal of time left, we have to save f–ing human civilization.”

From the undercover video, the first in the Project Veritas #Expose2020 show, he also expressed support for both sectarian reeducation Trump voters; compared for example Americans to Nazis; praised Soviet-style gulags; and called authorities would be”defeated” in riots at the party convention.

Project Veritas: Sanders staffer states cities burn off' if President Donald Trump reelected

We are going to make 1978 [1968] seem like an f–ing Girl Scout f–ing cookout,” he stated, adding, “The cops will be the ones which are getting f–ing defeated in Milwaukee. They’re going to call out the National Guard for this s–t. I promise you .”

He was apparently referring to the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago where police clashed with protesters. “If Bernie doesn’t receive the nomination, or it belongs to the next round at the DNC convention, f–ing Milwaukee will burn,” Mr. Jurek said. “It will begin in Milwaukee, then as soon as the authorities push back on that, other cities will probably just f–ing (explosion sound).”

In the movie, Project Veritas President James O’Keefe displayed Federal Election Commission records demonstrating that Mr. Jurek has worked for six months for the Sanders campaign, earning roughly $11,000
And that he was used briefly by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in 2018.

Is the Sanders campaign going to fire Kyle Jurek? Are they likely to say he is a lone wolf or an isolated event?” Requested, Mr. O’Keefe, from the movie.
The Washington Times reached out into the Sanders campaign for remark but got no response. Top attempts for your party presidential nomination generally have hundreds of paid staffers.

In the movie, Mr. Jurek said that Trump fans would have to be re-educated, comparing them to Nazi fans in the conclusion of World War II, and voiced support for Soviet-style gulags, which he said were”a good deal better than that which the CIA has told us”
“Greatest approach to split an f–ing billionaire of their privilege and also the idea that they’re superior: Go out and split stones for 12 hours a day,” Mr. Jurek said. “You are now a working-class individual, and you are going to f–ing learns what that means, correct?”
Asked in the movie whether”a number of those MAGA people could be re-educated,” Mr. Jurek responded, “We gotta f–ing try,” adding that such reeducation was a goal of Mr. Sanders’ call for free tuition at public universities.

“Much like in Nazi Germany, after the collapse of the Nazi party, there was as–t-ton of the populace that has been f–ing Nazi-fied,” Mr. Jurek said. “Germany had to invest countless dollars re-educating their f–ing people to not be Nazis. We are likely going to have to do exactly the same f–ing item here. That is sort of what Bernie’s entire’hey, free education for everyone,’ because we’re going to get to instruct you to not become an f–ing Nazi.”
Mr. Jurek aligned himself with Antifa, stating that Trump supporters are”scared –ing senseless of anti-fascists” and that”the one thing which fascists know is violence.”
He added that “There is a reason Josef Stalin’s gulags” and “gulags were really meant for, like, reeducation.”

The movie showed him taking photographs at less radical liberals and media outlets, saying, “Walk to that MSNBC studios, drag those m——ers out by their hair, and light them on fire in the streets”Project Veritas has been accused by critics of deceptively editing its undercover movies, which Mr. O’Keefe denies.


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